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Southern Earth Landscapes offers a comprehensive design service that caters for everything from small scale domestic jobs to large commercial projects. Our designer works with you on a one-on-one basis to establish all the needs and requirements you have for your new garden. From this stage works are taken to the drawing board where the creative process continues. All drawings are uniquely suited to each and every client.

Our designs provide technical construction specifications while also being an artistic presentation.


Design Consultation: $220.00 (Plus GST)

  • On-site meeting where the property is viewed and discussion of changes to be made takes place
  • Design report discussing in greater detail what has been discussed on site

Comprehensive Design Package: $1950.00 (Plus GST)

  • On-site meeting where the property is viewed
  • Landscape Construction Specification Plan
  • Planting Selection
  • Planting Schedule

Miscellaneous Design Works: $75.00 per hour (Plus GST)